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Original foundry products are those products of Phenitec original design. They are mainly discrete products. Customers are supposed to choose among them either as they are or modified in specifications.

Original foundry products are of Phenitec unique design and they include transistor products (small signal, photo, middle・large current, JFET,MOSFET,IGBT etc.) and diode products(small signal, zener, schottky barrier, photo, TVS etc.) Customers are supposed to select those products which are identical with or close to their required specifications and evaluate them. We ship them in wafer once they are approved.

When customers choose our original products, they are not charged cost for photo mask and development. Original products can be modified in specifications but this case subject for additional charge for mask and trial production(including development cost) on customer’s account.

Bipolar Tr


Foundry process

We offer foundry process for either 「original products」 or 「custom products」. We have newly started 「contract service for silicon micro processing 」.

Original foundry