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~ Foundry ~

A line up of BVDSS of the planer n- and p-channel MOSFETs are from tensV to
The SJ MOSFET has multiple P columns in epi layer (drift region). And its BVDSS
is handredsV.
GD ( Graded Doped ) -MOSFET has a structure which gate electrode and source
electrode are in the trenches (split gate). And blocking voltage is handredsV
~ Original ~

We provide a line up of the various MOSFET from the small signal MOSFET of
N channel and the P channel to power MOSFET.  
Low on resistance is achieved by refinement of the trench gate structure.
These power MOSFETs have a built-in gate protection diode to improve reliability
for ESD.
We can customize an electric characteristics and chip size, and can deliver it to
an customer with short lead time.