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Phenitec would exist as a foundry manufacturer.

"Foundry(company)" is referred to those companies which specialize manufacture of semiconductor chips. Phenitec is literally a foundry company.

Production system of semiconductors has been changing from integrated production by large corporations covering design, semiconductor chips production (pre-process), packaging (post-process), and marketing under one roof and now production by outsourcing has been recognized. Production of semiconductor chips requires huge cost for equipment and management. In general, production cost of semiconductor chips is said to be not so variable on operation rate of equipment and therefore the companies have to face difficult management environment especially at the time of recession. Even at boom, on the other side, unless business prospect is very clear, they tend to curb new capital spending on equipment and as a result, sometimes lack capability to meet production increase speedily when business is up again.

Since development and manufacturing of semiconductor chips require huge cost, fabless companies which do not hold production facilities themselves and instead specialize mainly designing and marketing , have emerged This structural change in semiconductor industries have served us as tailwind.

Tying up with those companies of both domestic and abroad under these circumstances, we have extended efficiently foundry business from discrete semiconductors to various ICs. We have 5 inch and 6 inch manufacturing lines as semiconductor chips production equipment, carry out integrated production from epitaxial growth of wafers to test and probe, and this way make the most of our resources with experience and knowhow so as to meet the needs of customers. Keeping 「Continuous improvement」 as our motto, we devote ourselves to manufacturing while striving to realize low cost, short lead time, and high quality with stable and high productivity as our most reliable weapons. /p>

We are determined to concentrate on providing with comprehensive foundry service, setting always our focus on the next era.

We as a semiconductors manufacturer, set our initiative not on the unlimited pursuit of micronizing at the cost of huge investment on process and devise development but rather on providing customers with satisfying and comprehensive foundry services which would be made possible by making the best use of products design・process technology and manufacturing knowhow realizing low cost and high quality with minimum investment. Based on this belief, we would continue to devote ourselves offering our services always looking into the next era. We have recently opened Kagoshima Fab to offer further improved services and started marketing a variety of products such as CMOS・MOSFET・IGBT.

The finest design rule is 0.18 μm on trial production basis at this moment.
We would ensure the design rule of 0.35μm on the mass production basis and further aim at 0.18μm even on the mass production basis.

We would extend our business with the focus on customers.

There is no better word than [customer satisfaction] to refer to the essence of services. We, as a semiconductor wafers and chips foundry, recognize that it is the essence of our growth to meet the needs of our customers and to provide positively with products which could contribute to their growth and aim to create the environments wherein we take in the needs of our customers and flexibly cope with them while working cooperatively together. To serve this purpose, we have established and maintained quality management systems such as ISO/TS16949 and continued to be a reliable company for customers and society and would further maintain mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and aim always to be customer oriented.

ISO/TS 16949 , ISO 14001