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Approach to environment

Promotion to environment preservation

Following our basic management policy of 「We recognize preservation of the earth environment as the most important task all people share in common and promote environment preservation activities」, we acquired 「Environment Management System (ISO14001) 」certification on April 5, 2002. Attaining the environment policy, we wish we continue to be a reliable company.

Environment policy

We observe our basic management policy of “recognition of preservation of the earth environment as the most important task which all people share in common” and promote environment preservation activities through all our business activities.

  • 1. We make fare evaluation of influence to environment that our manufacturing activities of semiconductor products give and continue to protect the environment from contamination and reduce impact on the environment within our technical and financial capability.
  • 2. We observe relevant laws to the environment and other requirements and carry out thorough control of chemicals contained in the products and continue our efforts of preservation and improvement of the environment.
  • 3. We strive to cope with following tasks as important challenges.
     1)We strive for energy saving to prevent global warming.(Co2 reduction)
     2)We strive for designing, development, and marketing of products and manufacturing processes in favor of environment.
     3)We strive for effective use of resources.
  • 4. We establish environment management system, make periodical review of the system and promote awareness・improve ability of all employees so that they understand our environment policy and carry out continuously environment preservation activities.

Active use of recycled goods

1.We acquired [Okayama Eco Office(general office category)] certification.

We actively use recycled goods to build the recycling-oriented society. In order to get [Okayama Eco Office(general office category)] certification, we formed in 2006, a scheme for procurement of recycled goods on priority and set up a procurement target on goods of more than 3 categories Okayama prefectural government designated and has positively procured recycled goods on priority since 2007. Our approach to promote the use of recycled goods as one of the examples of environment preservation activities was rewarded to get [Okayama Eco Office] certification as a general office in September,2008.

Classification by
Okayama prefectural
Paper Apparatus Stationery Uniform Others
Goods Toilet roll
and others
White board
and others
Ball point pen
and others
Uniform Fire extinguisher
and others
基 準 Prefecture ordinance Guide line
2006 Forming scheme Completion
2007 target 20 goods 60% Achievement 2008/03 70% (accumulated)
2008 target 30 goods 70% Achievement 2009/03 78% (accumulated)
2009 target 40 goods 80% Achievement 2010/03 91% (accumulated)
2010 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2011/03 96% (accumulated)
2011 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2012/03 99% (accumulated)
2012 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2013/03 99% (accumulated)
2013 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2014/03 97% (accumulated)
2014 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 201503 99% (accumulated)
2015 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2016/03 98% (accumulated)
2016 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2017/03 99% (accumulated)
2017 target 50 goods 95% Achievement 2017/11 99% (accumulated)

【Procurement objective of recycled products・procurement results】

2.Further increase of procurement of recycled goods

We would further promote green procurement to build the recycling oriented society in Okayama prefecture and strive actively for environment preservation activities as corporate social responsibility.