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Approach to products

Customer satisfaction is the first priority.

We recognize it is the most important task of ours to offer semiconductor products which meet the needs of customers, to contribute to the society and to strive to maintain and improve the quality of our products.

1.Keeping our business activities in good harmony with quality management system, we improve continuously its effectiveness with participation by all employees.

2.Keeping our products not just in conformity to customers’ requirements and relevant laws, but we continue to consider social requirements on priority and offer products which are used with confidence and satisfaction.

3.Seeking understanding of suppliers to satisfy the needs of customers, we strive to keep mutually beneficial relationships and increase value creative capability on both side.

4.4. Setting target quality level and following PDCA cycle without fail, we strive to attain the target.

ISO/TS 16949 is the standard of quality management system applicable to manufacturers for automotive industries. Since automotive industries have such characteristics as quality of purchased components is directly reflected as the quality of cars and consider supply chain management is very important, they request suppliers to establish strict quality management systems. In this context, though they requested us to acquire ISO9001 certification, which however, is the general standard applicable to all industries and tends to allow somewhat broad interpretation of standard and level of application, they considered it necessary to make more specific the requirement level of ISO9001 and have established ISO/TS16949 which is now widely applied and observed in the auto industries.



We do neither purchase nor use any metals associated with conflicts in the Democratic
Republic of Congo and its neighboring regions. Because the armed group making the conflict
funds, by exporting the metals which they produced in the area.
The definition of the conflict metals are four kinds of ores ( gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten )
produced by Democratic Republic of Congo ( “ DRC ” ) and adjoining 9 countries..

We confirm that tin, gold, tantalum tungsten does not come from the district by documents
from metal manufacturers and metal trading companies.
If a transaction is identified to have a risk of conflict metals after starting it, the transaction
will be terminated immediately.
We have performed fair material procurement. And we continue making an effort to be able to
use our product at ease.