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Customers are supposed to select among Phenitec original products which meet their requirement. Customers are supposed to port us mask data and process information on their products. We can take up foundry service for discrete semiconductors to ICs.

We offer custom foundry service when customers are not satisfied with our original ・foundry service and port us their products. Our foundry service can cover a wide range of discrete devices from general devices to power devices and ICBT. It also covers BIPOLAR IC and CMOS IC. This service requires customers to port us their master data and process information. This arrangement makes it possible to fully utilize our resources so as to establish optimum process and start prototype・mass production. Our Kagoshima plant has started production of 6” wafers since October 1st 2015. The plant offers foundry service for not only MOSFET and IGBT but analogue CMOS with its CMOS 0.35μm process.

【Foundry products】
・MOSFET、Super Junction MOSFET, IGBT、FRD、Trench SBD他
・CMOS IC(0.65μm、0.35μm、0.18μm)
・Bipolar IC

Under custom foundry service arrangement, we consult at first with customers as to products specifications, masks, processes, recipes, other requirements and so forth, then finalize processing conditions after prototype production and finally start mass production with customer approval.

Custom foundry products, Wafer sales、Small signal Transistor、Bipolar transistor、Photo diode、Switching diode、Schottky barrier diode、Zener diode、Fast recovery diode,  600v SiC SBD、Semiconductor、Transient Voltage Suppressors、Protection 

Discrete semiconductor

  • MOSFET ( low to high withstand voltage )
  • IGBT
  • Small- signal transistor
  • Power transistor
  • Darlington transistor
  • JFET
  • RF transistor
  • Switching diode
  • Zener diode
  • Schottky barrier diode
  • Photo diode
  • TVS diode
  • FRD

CMOS Analog IC / Mixed Signal IC

  • 0.6μm PDK(Be able to provide)
  • 0.35μm PDK (Release on autmn 2017)

Bipolar IC



Confirmation of job contents, intial meeting, conclution of non disclosure agreement, process transfer, mask making, Confirmation of product and mask specifications and determination of process conditions, first nd second trial production, sample evaluation, report on evaluation, customer approval, Initial production, Start of mass production, Copy exactly, deliverly, Recipe

Customers are supposed to provide process flow/recipe/mask data to enable us to offer “copied exactly” foundry service.

Custom foundry