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Load Map of Product and Process Technology, Equivalency Similar Equivalent product List Column Table、CMOS、MOSFET、IGBT、BiTR、SBD、Switching .Diode、Bipolar Transisitor、Shottky Barrier 、Switching  Zener Diode  Rectifier、 TVS, Transient Voltage Suppressor, Serialization article, Technical lecture of the Semiconductor, Physics of Semiconductor Device,  Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing, Carrier transportation patterning process diffusion ion implantation, Evaporate, Grind, Purity, The metal layer formation, Inspection

Road Map、CMOS、MOSFET、IGBT、BiTR、S.B.Diode、Switching Diode、Schottky Barrier、TVS、Zener、SiC、 Opto Photo semiconductor、Transistor Bias resisitance built in  Low Bias voltage          
Phenitec has so many own brand products, plans、designs and develops by themselves. This is explanation about good point, applied market of Phenitec Brand products.   A serializatin airticle. ecture of the semiconductor、Thermal oxidize; carrier transportation, a summary, patterning process,  diffusion, an ion implantation, vapor deposition and, purity, metal layer formation,      
Translation between japanese, english and chinese. the tecihnical term of production , applicationand the ptoperties of matter of thr semiconductor   Equivalency list.  MOSFET IGBT BiTR Transistor Schottky Barrier Diode Zener Switching  TVS